Abbey Williams & Maxwell Zammitt

Abbey Williams & Maxwell Zammitt

Grooms Parents: Timothy and Nancy Zammitt
Brides Parents: Timothy and Dianna Williams

Date of Engagement: January 14, 2012
Wedding Date: June 30, 2012
Shower Date: April 28, 2012
Registered At: Target, Macy’s(planned)

How Did You Meet?:
Max and Abbey have known each other since 2006. Going to church together and having the same mutual friends, they were always just friends themselves.

In early 2008, after some heavy persuasion from their friends, Max asked Abbey on a date. Max just couldn’t wait for their first date. The next day he asked Abbey on a pre-first date and they ate their now-favorite, mexican food.¬†After only two weeks of dating, Max asked Abbey to be his girlfriend.

Engagement Story?:

Abbey Williams & Maxwell ZammittMax bought the ring in late December 2011. He knew that he wanted to ask Abbey to marry him but didn’t quite know how to do it. The morning of January 14th it snowed pretty heavily. Walking around outside he realized that he wanted to take Abbey sledding that night and ask her on the top of the sledding hill.

So after taking Abbey out to a new Thai restaurant and going to see (suffer through) Beauty and the Beast in 3D Max told Abbey he wanted to go sledding. Max hates sledding, so she took him up on his offer.

They were having a great time sledding that night since they were the only ones on the hill. Before the last time they were going to go down Max popped the big question.

She obviously said YES and they went to celebrate with friends a the local Grosse Ile hangout, Airport Inn.

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