Alexandra Miller & Dan Kessler

Alexandra Miller & Dan Kessler

Grooms Name: Dan Kessler
Brides Name: Alexandra Miller
Grooms Parents: Vickie and Larry Kessler
Brides Parents: Stacy and Jay Miller

Date of Engagement: December 25, 2012
Wedding Date: July 19, 2014

How Did You Meet?: Through my co-worker. I met Dan when we went out with a group of friends in July and hit it off J

Engagement Story?: I answered the door with curlers in my hair (on 4 hours of sleep) because I worked a midnight shift the night before and he asked me if I wanted my gift and I said “yes!”. When he handed me the box, I opened it up and he was on his knees as soon as I opened the box. I was so amazed and it was so surreal, it took me a moment, and when he said “Ali will you marry me?”. I started to laugh and said “yes!”. I am so happy that he asked me to be his wife; I couldn’t have chosen a better man and I love him so much!

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