Alicia Smith & Erik Karell

Alicia Smith & Eric Karell

Alicia Smith & Erik Karell

Groom’s Parents: Mark & Heidi Karell
Bride’s Parents: David & Barbara Smith
Date of Engagement: December 20, 2013
Wedding Date:  October 11, 2014
Registered at: Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Acorn Farms

How did you meet? We met at the Big 3 Swing Dance at the Masonic Temple in Detroit on November 17, 2012.  Around midnight…shortly before the dance was going to end…Erik asked Alicia to dance.  They hit it off and ended up dancing to two songs in a row.  Their first official date was a little over two weeks later on December 4.  The rest is history!

Engagement story:  Erik bought the ring at Rottermond and had it shipped to Los Angeles.  His brother and sister-in-law live there, and the immediate family was gathering to celebrate the holidays together.  Erik was flying out first.  Alicia was going to meet them there a couple of days later.  When she arrived — little did she know — the ring had only beaten her by a couple of hours.  The family told Alicia that they were going to shoot a family portrait at the Getty Museum the next morning — December 20th.  So, the following day they traveled to the Getty and started snapping pictures at the pristine gardens outside the museum. When Alicia and Erik posed together, Erik started to tell Alicia what a good year they’d had together as a couple…and he started choking up.  That’s when Alicia knew something was up! He dropped to one knee and pulled out the navy bow-wrapped box.  Alicia had laryngitis, so she could barely talk…but she whispered yes through tears and fervent nods.  She hadn’t even opened the ring box yet!  When she did, she doubled over again with her hands over her face.  The solitaire diamond ring was gorgeous.  The whole moment was caught on several of the Karell’s smartphones — so there’s video and photographic evidence of how wonderful the moment was.  Thanks for helping make our engagement very special.

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