Alison Leech & Brandon Beech

Alison Leech & Brandon Beech

Groom’s Parents: Kay and Roger Beech
Bride’s Parents: Carol and Jack Leech
Date of Engagement: May 27th 2012
Wedding Date: June 2014


“I Love it.”

How did you meet? Brandon and I have been friends since we were 14 years old. When he bought a house a few years ago he had asked me if I would like to be his roommate so I said Yes, of course. A year later we started dating and the rest is history 😉

Engagement story: Brandon and I had gone to Grand Haven Michigan for a long weekend over Memorial day. We were walking down the beach on Lake Michigan which is my favorite lake and I wanted to carve our names in a big piece of driftwood. As I was drawing a heart around our names Brandon set the ring in the middle of the heart I drew and asked me to marry him right on the beach, at sunset it was so perfect in every way! Of course everyone who knows us states they “just knew” we were meant to be together and they were right! 🙂

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