Allie Ryan & Nathan Adams

How we met:

 Nate and Allie met Allie’s Freshman year at Cedarville Universit through their “Brother-Sister Halls.” They, along with their roommates Alicia and Jordan, hung out a lot together playing Dutch Blitz, going Put-Put Golfing, introducing Allie to Marvel movies and football, and going hiking at the nearby parks. It wasn’t until the summer following that first year that Nate and Allie realized that there was a little more interest than “just friends.” 

The engagement:

Because we were “long distance” over the summer, I only got to see Nate every couple weeks. The weekend after July 4, he was supposed to stop in for dinner Sunday on his way from New York back home to Michigan. The day before, my sister took me to a park after I got off work for a “sister date.” As we were walking around the park taking pictures, I noticed a very familiar-looking man sitting in a gazebo. 

As soon as I realized that it was Nate, I knew that could only mean one thing. I did my best to run to him without tripping in my heels on the brick pathway. Once he was able to pull away from my hug he got down on one knee. 

I’m so excited to spend forever with my best friend!

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