Amy Belaire & Ricky Martin

Ricky_AmyGrooms Parents: Lori Mifsud (Mother) and Rick Martin (Father)
Brides Parents: Nancy Martin (Mother) and Dennis Belaire (Father)

Date of Engagement: Friday 11/8/13
Wedding Date: Friday 6/6/14
Shower Date: April 2014
Registered At: Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target.

How Did You Meet?: Amy and I met online. We had our first date in downtown Ann Arbor in January of 2011. From there, we dated for another 7 months and then Amy moved into my house in Howell, MI in October of 2011. We’ve been living together for over 2 years now and have since rescued a puppy named Zoey who has become the center of our attention.

Engagement Story?: Although Zoey is our puppy, she is clearly a “momma’s girl” and follows Amy’s every move. So when I decided it was time to buy a ring, I also bought a dog shirt that said “will you marry my daddy?” on it. When the day finally came, I asked Amy if she wanted to go do some yard work. When she said yes, she went to go put on some warmer clothes for outside. At that point, I snagged the ring and t-shirt and took Zoey outside with me. We went out back, I put the shirt on her, and we waited. When Amy came outside, she asked “What is Zoey wearing?”. I said I had bought her a new shirt and she should check it out. Zoey ran behind Amy so she had to turn around, at which point I got down on one knee. When she started reading the shirt, she started to turn back towards me, where I was waiting and asked her if she would marry me! She obviously said yes and from there we both started making phone calls to our respective family’s!

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