Amy Howard & Garrett Stover

Amy Howard & Garrett Stover

Grooms Parents: John and Terri Stover
Brides Parents: Kevin and Mary Howard

Date of Engagement: September 10, 2011
Wedding Date: August 3, 2012

How Did You Meet?: We met at Springhill Camps as counselors in 2007, both working with the middle school kids. We stayed in touch when the summer ended and talked about dating, but the timing wasn’t quite right. Amy knew the timing didn’t matter, though… she said all along that it was meant to be no matter when it happened. 🙂

Garrett lived in Petoskey and Amy in Holland, but we stayed close and talked once in a while. In September of 2010, Garrett came down toward Holland on vacation. We caught up over dinner and a walk on the pier in Grand Haven and talked every night after that. Soon after, we decided the timing was right… and the rest is history!

Engagement Announcements Amy Howard & Garrett StoverEngagement Story?: After a day of fishing, we went for dinner at The Kirby in Grand Haven – the same place we had our first date. We ordered dinner and while waiting, Garrett complained about having a headache and went out to the car to get aspirin. He was actually grabbing a box of Russell Stover chocolates and the ring. He arranged to have the chocolates brought out as a “complimentary desert” wrapped up in a linen basket. As he took care of the bill, he told Amy to check out what they gave us. To her surprise, she found that the box had “Russell” crossed out and replaced with “Amy” and a question mark after “Stover.” Then he officially asked. She first said “of course,” followed by “wait, are you serious?!” and finally a solid “yes.” Afterward, we celebrated with laser tag and go-carts (we’re kids at heart).

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