Amy Oliver & Kyle Nelson

Amy Oliver & Kyle NelsonKind of a funny story…
Grooms Parents: Nancy & Scott Nelson
Brides Parents:  Joanne & Harold Oliver

Date of Engagement: June 10, 2010
Wedding Date: June 25, 2011
Shower Date: March 6, 2011
Registered at: Macys and Crate & Barrel

Where did you meet?: College, Western Michigan University

Engagement Story:

Amy Oliver & Kyle NelsonKind of a funny story… Kyle purchased the ring from Jesse around Easter 2010 and hide it in his golf bag until he could figure out the perfect way to propose! Well, June rolls around and the Black Hawks are in the finals for the Stanley Cup (we live in Chicago and the Hawks are Kyle’s favorite team, them winning the Stanley Cup could never happen again, at least in our lifetimes), so Kyle went out with a few of his friends to watch the game. After the Hawks won the cup, Kyle was so excited he decided that was the night! I was sleeping and I wake up to Kyle on one knee beside the bed (I got the feeling he had been sitting there for quite some time deciding what he was going to say). Not sure who was more shocked, him that I was awake or me that he had quite a few cocktails and was asking me to marry him. After the shock factor wore off he was nervously able to blurt out “uh…will you marry me?” Not the most romantic proposal story ever,but it is unforgettable!
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