Anna Christine & Daniel Thomas Otten

Anna Christine & Daniel Thomas Otten

Grooms Parents:Kevin & Wendy Otten
Brides Parents: Steve & Becky Florsheim

Date of Engagement: March 3rd, 2012
Wedding Date: August 10th 2013
Shower Date: TBD
Registered At: TBD

How Did You Meet?:
When we met we were young. Anna was in kindergarten and I was in 4th grade. Her family moved in across the street from us in Novi, Mi. They moved away a few years later. I was good friends with her oldest sister. My sister baby-sat Anna and her two sisters while they were living there. In 2008 we found each other on Myspace. Anna’s dad suggested that we call each other. While on our first call her father got on the phone and mentioned that it would be neat if I came out for a visit. The rest of the following events lead us to today.

Engagement Story?:
It was March 3, 2012. Daniel and I were celebrating our 4 year anniversary. Dan planned on taking me on a cross country flight from Los Lunas, to Santa Fe on to Las Vegas then back to Los Lunas. We had decided to stop in Las Vegas, NM to eat lunch. While we were eating, a young gentlemen came in and asked “Mr. Otten I am here to pick you up.” At that point I had no idea what was going on. I thought that we were just eating lunch there and then flying back to Los Lunas to eat dinner. Daniel looked at me and said “lets go I’ll get our things out of the plane.” I then proceeded to sit in the vehicle that was picking us up while awaiting for Daniel’s arrival. The vehicle took us to what is known as the Plaza hotel in downtown Las Vegas, NM. When we walked in everyone kept saying “happy anniversary Mr. Otten.” I was so confused on how everyone knew that it was our anniversary. After check in and seeing our beautiful room, we went downstairs to the saloon. While awaiting our dinner reservations. It was about 6pm and our reservations were at 7 pm. We began to walk outside towards the restaurant. In the middle of the park was a beautiful gazebo where we stood. Daniel looked at me and said “hey look at this…Isn’t it cool!” At the time I was getting frustrated because I was hungry, so I said “what are you doing lets go, I’m starving.” That’s when Daniel said to me “You look beautiful tonight, but your missing something” At that moment Daniel got down on one knee looked at me in the eyes with tears running down his face and said ” Anna I love you more then anything and could not see myself without you, you mean the world to me.” I just remember that I could not get the huge smile off of my face. I was so happy. I cannot wait to marry this man in August, It is just not coming soon enough.

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