Arianna Mannor & Robert Bielby

Arianna Mannor & Robert Bielby

Grooms Parents: William and Cynthia Bielby
Brides Parents: Robert and Gabriela Mannor

Date of Engagement: 2/11/2012
Wedding Date: 7/28/2012
Shower Date: 5/19/2012
Registered At: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

How Did You Meet?:

Sometimes things are just meant to be. Each of us was convinced by a friend, who just happened to be dating each other, to come to a party, with no real intention of us meeting each other. We bumped into each other at the party and sparks flew. Everything else is history.

Engagement Story?:

I am not a particularly patient man, especially when it comes to things involving the lady I love (to which I’m sure Jesse, our jeweler, can attest). So when I got the ring in my hands, there was only one thing I could think of: “How quickly can I give this to her?”

She had to work that night, so I had a little time for maneuvering. I ran to get some flowers and waited in the parking lot for her to punch out. It was freezing out with snow falling and a pretty strong breeze. I spotted her walking out of the doors and grabbed the ring and the flowers and prepared to get out. However, much to my surprise, she broke into a jog to try and get out of the cold. I panicked, I had to stop her from getting into the car! So I awkwardly jumped out of my car just in time.

She asked, “What are you doing?” And I told her, “I couldn’t wait.” To which she responded, “For what?” And I said, “You.”

I got down on one knee and showed her the ring. She automatically started crying and said “Yes!” Then she started to fumble to get her hand free (maybe the flowers weren’t the best idea on my part). I slipped the ring on her finger and she danced around a bit before running back in to the store to show her friends.

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