Ashley Thelen & Kevin Gilleo

Ashley Thelen & Kevin Gilleo

Groom’s Parents: Randy and Patricia Gilleo
Bride’s Parents: David and Judith Thelen
Engagement Date: March 12, 2010
Wedding Date: June 2, 2012

How we met: We met at Conor O’Neill’s in Ann Arbor after we both had finished running the Shamrock and Shenanigan’s 5k.

Ashley And Kevin's GnomeEngagement story: For those not from Ann Arbor and even those who are might not know about the Fairy Doors.  The fairy doors are the entrances to the homes of the Urban Fairies that are throughout downtown.  Possibly one of my favorite things about Ann Arbor.  Deidra and I went on a tour when we first moved here and hung pictures in our apartment.  When Kevin and I first met it was probably one of the first things I told him that I loved about Ann Arbor.  About a month before he proposed Kevin had told me about a new Fairy Door in the Arb.  I insisted we must see it.  Kevin told me he had never been on a Fairy Door tour (which was a lie).  After we finally had a free weekend we decided to go.  I had some suspicion that he might be proposing.  We started the afternoon with the tour and a little shopping downtown.  U of M was playing in some basketball tournament and Deidra and Randy were at Bar Louie watching the game. So we stopped by and met them.  We didn’t finish watching the game, which was odd but we needed to make it to the arb before dark.  We made a few more stops then before heading to the Arb Kevin asked if we could go to Big George’s to look at audio equipment…at this point I was convinced the engagement was not happening today..really audio equipment?! After shopping we headed to the Arb.  Kevin printed out the article from with the directions and article about the new fairy door.  After parking in the wrong spot we finally found the correct parking lot.  Walking down the trail we were chatting when we saw the fork of the trail where the Fairy door should be.  It was a windy day and as we got closer a Fairy Door blew out of a tree (that was not suppose to happen).  I looked at Kevin with suspicion and then saw flowers at the tree too.  I picked up the Fairy Door then looked up and in the tree there was my ring.  Instant tears began flowing…

Ashley Kevins BirdhouseKevin got down on one knee and of course I said YES!  And my Fairy Tale came true!

Of course the article Kevin completely made up but was very believable.  The Fairy Door he also made to look just like his front door.

Thank you, Carrie, so much for doing this for us. I hope you enjoyed the story! And Thank You for helping Kevin pick out the perfect ring! I LOVE IT!!


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