Bobbi Jo Lanning & Curt Whitefield


Bobbi Jo & Curt

Bobbi Jo & Curt



Groom’s Parents: Art Whitefield
Bride’s Parents: Lynda and Orville
Date of Engagement:  24 September 2015
Wedding Date: Probably January 2016


How did you meet? We met on Christian Mingle dating website.

Engagement story: Curt says…”A match made in Heaven except for one big problem, Bobbi Jo had a 50 mile radius restriction on her dating profile and she is from Grand Rapids and I was living in White Lake Mi (over 100 miles away). Well, thank goodness she let that slide and after a lot of emails and texting we arranged our first date at a brewery in Grand Rapids and it was literally love at first date. Only several weeks later I had promised her that we would be together for the rest of our lives and Rottermond helped me fulfill that promise.”

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