Brittany Haugen & John Nagy

Groom’s Parents: John and Carol Nagy
Bride’s Parents: Mark and Maureen Haugen
Date of Engagement: August 26, 2014
Wedding Date: May 17, 2014
Shower Date: March 29, 2014
Registered at:, Crate&Barrel, Macy’s

Britt Haugen & Jay Nagy

Britt Haugen & Jay Nagy

How did you meet?
On New Years Day, 2009, this man came up to me at a bar and said, “You’re beautiful.” I have a photo that I took that stands as evidence that he hovered over me that day, close-talking his way into my life, changing me forever.

Okay, it wasn’t quite that easy… our friends had met the night before at a New Year’s Eve party and they wanted to meet up the next day. So there I was, not feeling very awesome when I get a call from my friend saying that I HAD to go with her to this bar called Full Shilling so she could meet up with this guy. So I did. Begrudgingly.

It was there, at the bar, drinking a Bloody Mary (Jay’s least favorite drink), that he first approached me and to be completely honest, I was totally freaked out. Who uses “You’re beautiful,” as a pick-up line these days?!? And why is he talking so to me so closely?

I guess a part of me was intrigued because when the four of us hung out again the following day, he’d grown on me (and wasn’t talking as close). We decided that we needed to get each other’s numbers in order to be the good wing-partners we were, so we did that whole, “Can I get your number?” routine during which I asked him how to spell his name. “Is it like just the letter?” “Umm… yeah.”

After countless Tacos, Wii bowling matches, and movie marathons we were officially official. In February of 2011 we took the ultimate relationship test and moved across the country together to the lovely city of Philadelphia, where we currently live with 27 crickets in the basement. And we’ve never been happier!

Engagement story:
It was the first day of what would be a week-long vacation in Michigan, and Jay was set on going to the Sleeping Bear Dunes (aka one of the most beautiful places in the world). Unfortunately, upon our arrival we discovered that the famous Dune Climb was closed because there was a search and rescue going on (for a father who’d abducted his kids – zoinks!). I definitely thought Jay was more distraught about it being closed than the situation should have warranted, but I didn’t really pay it much attention. It was a beautiful day and we were still able to access a scenic drive in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. I was reading the site descriptions as we approached them, and for some of the overlooks we’d get out, pull a Griswold and get back in the car. About halfway through the drive, as we looked out over Lake Michigan, Jay asked me if I’d want to go down to the water. And if you see in the pic above, that dune was very well a contender for the world’s longest and steepest sand dune. Anywho, we made it to the bottom, we put our feet in Lake Michigan, and with no one around he got down on one knee, I said, “no way!!” then, “yes, yes, YES!!!” and then we almost died as we crawled on our hands and feet for an hour in the blazing sun up the world’s longest and steepest sand dune… but we made it! And we have a story that makes us laugh that we can remember when we’re old!

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