Candace Messler & Brandon Ciolfi

BrandonGroom’s Parents: Jim and Kathy Ciolfi
Bride’s Parents: Scott Messler and Allyson Mills
Date of Engagement: August 23, 2015
Wedding Date: September 24, 2016
Shower Date: August 6, 2016
Registered at: Macy’s & Bed Bath and Beyond
How did you meet? I spent a lot of time in college working when I was not going to class. It was my first free Friday night in months and I was looking forward to come home after class and relax for the evening. Little did I know my best friend Ann Marie had something else planned. I walked into my apartment and Ann Marie had dinner cooking. I turned the corner and there were two guys sitting on the couch. We had dinner and drinks, the rest is history from there.  From that moment on we were inseparable. 

Engagement story: After college we moved to Novi but spent a lot of time back in my hometown, Fenton. He knew it was my favorite place to be and if it was my choice that’s where we would be living. One Sunday he asked if I wanted to go to eat at The Fenton Firehall. So up to Fenton we went.   Once we got there we decided to walk down to the gazebo and I  told him I would show him around downtown. We got down to the gazebo we walked down to the pond and we were talking about the different kinds of fish…well I was talking and when I turned around he was gone. About 20 feet away he was standing in the center of the walkway, I went over to him and to ask him why he walked away but before I was able to say much he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Little did I know that one of my sisters was hiding in the bushes taking photos and capturing the entire thing.

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