Cara Parks & Michael Koch

Cara Parks & Michael Koch

Cara Parks & Michael Koch

Grooms Parents: Barbara and Robert Koch
Brides Parents: David and Constance Parks

Date of Engagement: September 8th, 2013
Wedding Date: September 27th, 2014

How Did You Meet?: Cara and I met on July 4th, 2010 during Torch Fest on beautiful Torch Lake, Michigan.  I was making the trek up north to meet friends for a yearly get together and Cara was meeting up north at a family friends cabin.  We both had almost not gone up north that weekend, as I was dead set on doing other things and Cara had a series of unfortunate events happening that week, culminating in her work vehicle being broken into and having her license stolen.

At any rate, it was the morning of July 4th at the sand bar on Torch Lake. I was on my friends boat and happened to notice an attractive blonde that was nearby with some friends of mine.  Unfortunately, it looked like a friend of mine had gotten to her before I could summon the courage so I figured let it be and I will enjoy the sunshine and blue water.

It was around lunchtime that I had hopped onto the pontoon to grab a delicious hoppy refreshment and some brats when I turned around and noticed the attractive blonde that I mentioned before.  I had mentioned something to her pertaining to Arrested Development (which we both enjoyed) and ended up high-fiving her which turned into an accidental hand hold/bear claw type thing that we laughed about 5 minutes after the fact.  After about a half hour of talking, I somehow convinced her to go on a date to a place I frequented in my nearby hometown which was on a lake.  It somehow worked because a week later, we went out on our first date and despite my nervousness and saying very random and weird things, she agreed to a second date.  The rest they say, is history……

Engagement Story?: Since Mike told our meeting story so well, I will go ahead and do the lovely engagement story. To say that I had envisioned our engagement story differently is an understatement; but I wouldn’t trade that moment in for the world! It all began earlier in the week where I had one heck of a work week; putting in nearly 95 hours by Friday afternoon and I told Mike that no matter what he tried to get me to do, I was going to sleep and stay in my pajamas all weekend. And that is exactly what I did. I skipped showering and all those daily hygiene routines that normal people do. Poor Mike was so patient with me and I was being such a lazy bum all weekend. His original plan was to take me up north near the place where we met, and when that backfired he tried to get me to go to Kensington or some park. This also backfired due to my stubbornness to not do anything that weekend. Again, he is the most patient person in the world! However, thankfully on the Sunday of that weekend his patience ran out. He took me out on our deck overlooking the backyard and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It was that moment when I became the happiest and luckiest girl in the world; however my reaction wasn’t the best because I claimed it was a “fake proposal”. Perhaps it was my lack of sleep or it was in my vision that when this moment happened I didn’t look like a complete slob. Nonetheless, the fact that I had NO CLUE that he would pop the question that evening made it one of the two best unexpected moments of my life. The other moment was when I met Mike: I remember walking away from the Torch Lake sandbar and I told one of my best friends, “I like that ‘Mike guy’, he makes me laugh”, and honestly, we haven’t stopped laughing since!

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