Carol Lee & Dustin Johnston

Groom’s Parents:  Ron & Linda Staley
Bride’s Parents:  Namjae and Peggy Lee
Date of Engagement:  Jan 1, 2013
Wedding Date:  Feb 16, 2014
Shower Date:  Jan 18, 2014
Registered at:  CB & Bed, Bath, and Beyond

How did you meet?  We met on a blind date, on New Years Eve 2009

Engagement story:  Since we met on NYE 2010, my plan was to propose on the anniversary of us meeting.  Our friends were throwing a big party for the occasion and I knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity.  I liked proposing at a party because then as soon as she said, “YES” then we could celebrate with her friends instead of me sitting back and smiling while she texted and called all of her friends and family.  On top of that, I also flew in our parents and siblings so they could be there as well.  I proposed just after midnight and while I was speaking all of the our family started to secretly file in.  Carol was shocked and the proposal went well, but then came the other huge surprise: her realizing the entire family was there.  Her mind was blown, happy tears were pouring, and then the real celebration began.  The entire plot went without a problem and the proposal was a success.  There were no calls or texts to be made so we just popped some champagne and continued the party!  And on top of that, she LOVED the ring that Rottermond helped me design and then make.  Carol couldn’t have been happier!  Thank you Rottermond!

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