Carrie Gransden & Andrew Hoy


Carrie Gransden & Andrew Hoy

Grooms Parents:John and Daphne Hoy
Brides Parents: Mike and Mary Gransden

Date of Engagement:1/1/14
Wedding Date:6/13/15
Shower Date:TBD
Registered At:Macys, Kohls, & Target

How Did You Meet?: We met in high school. Andrew was a senior and I was a junior, and we had a class together, Reading and Writing for the College Bound. We became friends and later both admitted to having a secret crush on each other. Two years later Andrew started coming into Chilis, the restaurant I worked at. He would visit frequently and we would talk for hours. All it took was one time of us hanging out outside of school and work for us to quickly become inseparable.

Engagement Story?: Andrew and I moved to Texas in August 2013, he was offered a job that we could not pass up. We had been dating for 4 1/2 years and I thought for sure we would be engaged before we moved. I knew it would happen at our going away party, but the party ended and I still had no ring. I knew that an engagement had to be coming sooner or later. And I was very hopeful for SOON! It was our first new years in Texas and we decided that we were just going to spend the evening at home. That day a few different people from work invited us to do different things but Andrew said he wanted to stick with our original plan of cooking a ton of food and drinking champagne at home. Texas is an hour behind Michigan and we had decided we would celebrate the Michigan New Year and the Texas New Year. Really it was an excuse to pop another bottle of champagne. One of our friends was alone for the night because his girlfriend was out of town so he came over to celebrate with us. We were skyping with her as we began our first count down. 3..2..1.. Happy… I turned around and raised my glass and there was Andrew on one knee. He got out his Will you? And all I could say is are you really doing this right now? I was in complete shock. He then finished his question as I became an emotional wreck. Happy tears poured down my face as I was so excited that my best friend finally decided to make me his forever. It was the best moment of my life and thankfully because our friend was over and another on skype we have video and pictures of the very emotional moment that we will cherish forever. We spent the next hour calling our parents and close friends to share our exciting news that we completely missed the Texas New Year, but it was 100% worth it.

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