Chelsea Blem & Kevin Meloche

Chelsea Blem & Kevin Meloche

Grooms Parents: Greg and Lyn Meloche
Brides Parents: Gary and Marie Townsend
Date of Engagement: April 29 2012

Engagement Announcements -Chelsea Blem & Kevin MelocheHave you ever been bored? Your mind starts to wonder. Little things distract you from other little things. There is so rarely time in my life for boredom, when I do get bored, I really don’t know what to do with me. That’s how Kevin and I met. For the first time in many months, I was BORED!! The house was quiet and empty. I had absolutely no plans. Sure there were things I could be doing; laundry, vacuuming, unpacking from my most recent and very adventurous road trip, but I didn’t want to do any of those things. Boredom is lonely and I was lonely. So, I pulled out my phone and started texting people. Sadly, not many replied. Just a few days after New Years I’m sure everyone was just getting back to reality after the holidays. Looking for something else to amuse me, I started playing a game on my phone when an ad for Zoosk (an online dating website) popped up. Now, after more than one failed attempt at finding “my true love”, to only end up feeling brokenhearted and alone, I had given up… thrown in the towel… crazy cat lady, here I come. But…. like I said… I was bored. So, I downloaded the app to my phone, and in a few short minutes had a full profile with pictures loaded to the site. They make it very easy since you can sync your profile to Facebook. I spent probably a half hour reading various profiles and poking around some pictures before I again was BORED. My roommates returned home right about then and life went on.

Except that I forgot to delete the profile and of course Zoosk sets you up on automatic notifications. The next day I received a few messages, one was from my future husband. Though I had no intention of taking this seriously, curiosity got the better of me. So after reading the short messages I received, I looked at the basics of each profile and the pictures and dismissed them ALL. The joy of online dating is it really is like online shopping. If you don’t like something you move on. Kevin’s main profile picture reminded me of a movie character I thought was an ass, I didn’t even bother to read his profile in full.

Turns out you can’t delete your profile from your phone or at least I couldn’t figure out how. So, a few more days went by and even though I had never responded to him, I received another message from this VINCENT VALENTINE, even the name sounded obnoxious to me. Well, since he was obviously interested I figured the least I could do was actually read his profile. Boy did I feel like an ass. It was so sweet, well written and very obviously from a man that was really just making what sounded like a last stitch attempt at finding his “true love”. So pure and honest, yep I really felt like an ass. Yet, I still didn’t respond. The online dating thing always seemed like a bad joke to me. I never meant to actually connect with any one.

A few more days went by and I received one more message that very bluntly indicated he wanted to chat; I finally sent a very awkward response that gave him my phone number explaining that trying to chat via the site was a pain. I got a msg from him that night. We spoke every night on the phone from that night forward until our first date. And have spent every day together since our second date.

Engagement Story?

After sneaking what I heard was a very enthusiastic blessing from my parents during one of our monthly weekend trips up north, he suggested we stop at the DQ near the mill pond in Brighton before we returned home. It was a beautiful night and he wanted to go for a walk. The air was a bit chilly but the view was wonderful out on the board walk, with the city lights twinkling off the water as we strolled along hand in hand. I, as usual, was chattering away; silly things like how fun it is to feed the fowl how mean the swans are, how we should bring his niece and nephews here describing when my brother’s family visited last year. I was just starting a story about turtles when he started to guide me toward a small alcove with a rod iron bench. He said “Honey, you know how much I love you right?” I broke from my story when I looked up at him and my heart leapt from my chest, I’ve never seen my loving doting goofball boyfriend look so earnestly, so lovingly, and so seriously down at me before. In my nervous, partly hysterical state, I replied “I liked turtles” and started to cry. He then, on one knee, very eloquently asked that I spend the rest of my life as his wife. At first all I could do was hold his head in my hands, I was so memorized by how much love I saw in his eyes. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life. Once I gathered my reeling senses, through the tears I replied with a resounding “YES, of course!” and with tears still glistening in my eyes I pulled him up from his knees and called him a jack ass for making me cry in public

^.^ I am the happiest/luckiest girl in the world.

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