Courtney Doyle & Ryan Fisher

Courtney & Ryan

Courtney & Ryan

Grooms Parents: Dale & Renee Fisher
Brides Parents: Jim & Katherine Doyle
Date of Engagement: April 21, 2014
Wedding Date: August 22, 2015

How Did You Meet?:
Our love story, told by both Ryan and Courtney.
It is not a simple story, in fact it took 12 years between the first time Ryan saw me and the first time he kissed me.

The story begins in the year 2000, my senior year at Brighton High School. Though we had mutual friends, we never had much opportunity to interact.  In fact, our paths almost never crossed – really just a few offhand meetings at events like senior prom and friends’ graduation parties.

Unfortunately, he was a shy teenage boy <guilty!>, and I was too preoccupied with my relationship at the time, so we seldom spoke.

Fast-forward nine years.  I was attending training with a new company…

… and I was living in Orlando, Florida working for Gatorade.  Ryan reached out to me, and after a few weeks of polite conversation we met at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks.

I knew I wasn’t going to be in Orlando very long since training was only a few weeks; so I wasn’t necessarily trying to kindle a relationship, but I can’t officially say I’d gotten over my crush I had on Courtney back in the day! So I guess it was kind of our first date?
I never thought it was more than just an innocent dinner between two people with a common connection; however, I remember being pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to talk to him.

I also remember having an enjoyable – if somewhat brief – time at B-Dubs that evening.  We chatted for a couple of hours, eventually said good evening to each other, and parted ways.

I moved to Salt Lake City for school shortly after, and we lost touch for a time.

Another three years went by and we were finally ready to make a real connection.  I had been moving around for work and stayed pretty busy, but I eventually landed in Omaha with some time to kill.  Courtney started showing up in my Facebook news feed more frequently and I found out more about her, realizing her and I had many of the same passions and interests.

Ryan reached out to me on Facebook, and as I stalked his profile (don’t judge, we all do it) I developed a little bit of a crush. Shameless flirting ensued. In August of 2012, I planned a camping trip to Grand Teton National Park; I was more than thrilled when Ryan asked to join us. In those three days, the spark that has grown into our love was lit, and we finally had our first kiss.

Again, I hadn’t really expected anything to develop from meeting up, but ended up falling head over heels for Courtney. We spent the next four months trying to survive a long-distance relationship; thankfully I’d been hoarding vacation time at work. It wasn’t easy to only spend every other weekend together, but we endured as best we could.

Ryan flew in to Salt Lake for short 36-hour visits over the weekend; we met half way in Laramie, WY for slightly longer visits; I spent my school breaks visiting Omaha. In January of 2013, we had enough of the distance. Ryan made the leap and moved to SLC so that we could be together, and I am so happy he did.

No biggie, I only had to quit my job and move 1,000 miles west to be with the girl I loved!  Easy decision, right?

Over the next year or so, we bonded over music, sushi dates, hiking and camping, Michigan football, and so much more! Ryan must have enjoyed it as much as I did since he proposed in April of 2014. But that’s another story….

Engagement Story?:
As told by Ryan and Courtney
I wanted our engagement to be memorable, but I got a bit more than I’d hoped for.
The beginning of our story is fairly standard. I did a stealthy job of finding the perfect ring, asked her father’s permission on a previous trip back to Michigan, and planned to surprise Courtney with The Question in the perfect way: a nice hike up Mount Olympus, a bottle of wine, and a proposal!
I was curious when Ryan asked me to pick out a bottle of wine, but never imagined anything more than a romantic picnic at the top of the hike. Ryan had been discussing another trip up to the Tetons at the end of the summer, and I was convinced that was when he would propose.

My plans started off great; the weather was perfect, and the views from the hike were amazing. We brought Avery, our dog, because she loves hiking with us. Unfortunately, this time we hit some trouble: an irresponsible dog owner with an off-leash German Shepherd coming down the other way.  I was a little ways ahead of Courtney and Avery, and the other dog bolted straight past me, toward the two of them. Without any warning, the German Shepherd mounted our pup, and she wanted none of it.
Things got out of hand fast.  Before I could get back to do anything, off the dogs went, tumbling down a steep embankment, into the brush.  Then off went my future-fiancé, plummeting down the steep embankment and into the brush with them, yelling at the top of her lungs at the Shepherd.  I was horrified.
Everything happened so quickly. When the other dog latched onto Avery’s neck, my mother bear instincts kicked in. Without thinking, I threw my arm around Avery’s shoulders and went for a ride. I dug my heels into the dirt trying to slow the tumble – all while trying to dislodge the dog’s jaw and separate the dogs. I was finally able to wedge my feet on a rock and tree; I hate to imagine how much further they would have fallen, and how much worse things could have been if I hadn’t slid with them.

Off I went, down the hill after them. I had to be careful not to knock rocks down the hill on top of them. Eventually I caught up, dislodged the attacking dog from our pup, which sent it further down the hill, away from us. The other owner was only then catching up with us and the dogs. We scrambled our way 25 yards  or so back up the hill to the trail, where we made sure nothing was broken or seriously injured.
Amazingly I escaped with little more than a few scratches and a ripped pair of pants. Avery had a puncture wound that required a few staples, but acted as though nothing had happened (in fact we didn’t find the wound until cleaning her up at home). I was quite shaken and sore, so after some trail-side cleaning and bandaging we made our way back to the car.

So, with my perfect plans ruined, we retreated back to our home.  My grand plan had been ruined; Courtney was upset and in a lot of pain. She was also leaving in two days for a FIRST Robotics tournament and her parents were joining her. I didn’t want our engagement to be overshadowed by the weekend we were attacked by a dog, but I wasn’t going to let her go without completing my mission: to ask her to be mine and for me to be hers.  The following day, I took her to dinner at Bohemian Brewpub to get pierogies that she had been craving for months. We brought home desert, and in our pajamas, over apple strudel and the bottle of wine (that survived the incident), I asked Courtney to marry me.

To be completely honest, I was a little irritated that Ryan kept asking me to go out to dinner. I was in a fair amount of discomfort, still angry about the ordeal with Avery and had no interest in leaving the comfort of our home. I’m glad that I gave in! It was a lovely dinner and the best dessert of my life – the beautiful ring may have had something to do with that.
For whatever reason she said yes.  So, yeah, I’d say it was a good weekend.

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