Cyndi Smith & Jim Steinaway

Cyndi Smith & Jim Steinaway

Grooms Parents: Allan and Trese Steinaway
Brides Parents: Brian and Debra LaMirand

Date of Engagement: 11/14/2012
Wedding Date: 7/6/13

How Did You Meet?:
Cyndi and I met about thirteen years ago when she was visiting her family here in Michigan. At the time she was living in California and I thought she was too young for me. Cyndi returned to California that summer and moved to Michigan to live a few years later. Although she lived in Michigan for about 7 years, our paths didn’t cross very often. We ran into each other in 2007 by chance at a mexican restaurant in Ypsilanti. The next time we saw each other, I was a groomsmen in her cousins wedding, and was helping seat guests. I spotted Cyndi standing by herself and asked if I could seat her. From there, we began to talk more and set up our first date in January of 2011, sledding at Vets Park in Ann Arbor with Cyndi’s daughter Riley.

Engagement Story?:
I proposed to Cyndi on 11/14/2012 right after picking up the ring. Cyndi is a very inquisitive person and I don’t have a good poker face. I was worried that if I had brought the ring home and hid it she would have found it. I worked up the courage to propose, and went to see her at work. Cyndi is a dental assistant (the best), and a week before I picked up the ring a tooth was bothering me. I called her up and told her it was hurting again. I asked if they could see me to look at it, although they were very busy this day she said they could.

Cyndi brought me in the back to her room and prepared me for my visit. After putting the dental bib on me, she turned her back and was getting instruments ready. While she did so, I pulled the ring from my pocket and waited for her to turn around. When she did, I told her my tooth didn’t hurt as I slid the ring onto her hand and told her I wanted her to be my wife.

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