Destiny Davis & Justin Crawford

justinGroom’s Parents: Linda & Charlie Crawford
Bride’s Parents: Lilly Daniels & Bryan Davis
 Date of Engagement: May 27, 2016
Wedding Date: May 2017
 Shower Date: March 2017
Registered At: To Be Determined
How Did We Meet? 
To tell our story we’ve got to go back to Oakland University during the winter semester of 2010. I walked into my statistics classroom looking for the prettiest girl to sit next to, that’s when I saw Destiny. The seats around her were taken so I had to settle with a row over and a seat back from her. Over the course of a few weeks I decided I wanted to get to know her better and invited her to a study group, I thought it would be just the two of us, but some classmates overheard me asking and jumped on board. I was bummed that other people joined in. Our study group began with six people and my plan was turned upside down. She was beautiful and smart, I got to learn a lot about her and discovered she had a boyfriend during our study group sessions! Statistics class ended and I settled for a Facebook friendship with her.
Three years went by and it was now the summer of 2013. I was finally returning home from grad school. I posted a picture of my drum set on Facebook with a caption of “back in Michigan, anyone want to jam!”. Destiny liked my post and I remembered her so well that I sent her a Facebook message and asked her out to lunch to meet up and she agreed. She was just as sweet as I remembered and this time I wasn’t going to let her slip by me. From that moment on we started dating, fell in love, and that love brought me to Rottermond’s, where I picked a beautiful ring to ask my beautiful girl to be my wife!
Engagement Story
It was Friday May 27th, 2016. I had been planning my proposal, but first I needed to speak with Destiny’s parents. I met with her Father and spoke with her Mother and received both of their blessings for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Memorial weekend was already off to a great start and I was preparing to ask Destiny the most important question of our relationship. I had planned a trip away with her and our dogs to visit Frankenmuth for the hot air balloon festival and the Dog Bowl. It was the perfect weekend for a proposal! When we arrived to Frankenmuth, the hot air balloons were already taking flight. In my nervous/excited state I drove the wrong direction searching for the Rose Gardens, but I cleverly redirected us stating that I was just looking for a spot with the best view! I learned about the Rose Gardens a couple weeks earlier as I toured Frankenmuth and thought that it was the perfect spot to ask Destiny for her hand in marriage. We pulled up to the Rose Garden and I grabbed the ring out of my backpack, tucked it under my shirt and walked her slowly toward the pergola. She was gorgeous standing there with an anxious smile. She made me light up! The sun was setting with the balloons just out of sight. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said YES. We both were smiling from ear to ear, LOVE was definitely in the air. It was perfect and the moment is forever in our hearts.
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