Elaine Videan & Andrew Joseph

Elaine Videan & Andrew Joseph

Grooms Parents: George Joseph
Brides Parents: Ron and Lynette Videan

Date of Engagement: 03/25/2012
Wedding Date: 11/10/2012
Shower Date: 09/29/2012
Registered At: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

How Did You Meet?: Andrew and I met through Match.Com. I was relatively new to the area and looking to meet someone special. Andrew was also looking to meet his special someone, after the loss of his wife several years previously. We truly believe our meeting up was “destined to be” and I knew from the beginning that he was “the one”!

Engagement Story?: Andrew and I share a love for hiking and had been to the Brighton State Recreational Area several times. On the morning of March 25, 2012 we went hiking. Upon reaching a bench overlooking the lake Andrew asked if we could sit down for a minute. I was slightly reluctant, as the bench was wet with dew. Little did I know that this was the spot that he had picked to propose! Needless to say, I did sit down (and said yes!) and the overlook spot is now our special place.

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