Emily Smith & Jason Daberko

Emily & Jason

Emily & Jason

Grooms Parents: Trudy and Del Daberko
Brides Parents: Ron and Char Smith

Date of Engagement: October 10th 2014
Wedding Date: June 26th 2015
Shower Date: March 20th
Registered At: Target, Pottery Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond

How Did You Meet?: We met on Match.com

Engagement Story?: Jason surprised me at work.   I am a first grade teacher.  I went to pick my kids up from library.  The library teacher asked me to come in the library so the kids could show me something they made.  They were holding a banner that said, “Emily will you marry me?”  Jason walked out and got down on one knee.  My mom and dad were there to watch and they captured it on video.  I was so excited and said “yes”!  My kids started cheering.  Such an amazing surprise and moment.

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