Gina Capotosto & Dustin Hill


How We Met:
Dustin and I met in college while attending Central Michigan University.  We first saw each other at a baseball game which I had attended to watch a mutual friend play.  Later, while celebrating the win, he came up to talk to me and I recognized him as the guy who “scored a homerun”.  We hit it off extremely well but he was graduating in a month and I was just coming out of a relationship so the timing wasn’t quite right.  However, we managed to stay in touch for another year or so.  Actually, it was more like Dustin contacting me every time he was in the area to see if I would go out with him.  I kept turning him down until finally I decided to give this charming guy a shot.  Needless to say, it was a shot well worth taking.

How We Got Engaged:
We’ve always been the adventurous couple and traveling is top on our list of favorite things to do.  In the two years we’ve been together we’ve visited 10 states and 3 countries not including the U.S.  One of these places was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  On the first day of our trip, Dustin was unusually excited to go to the beach.  We got up pretty early and took a water taxi to the famous Arch.  Afterwards, we took a walk along Lover’s Beach.  We found a small cave a little ways from the water and decided to explore.  Right outside of the cave, on this gorgeous sunny day, Dustin took me in his arms, gave me a kiss and told me how much he would love to do things like this for the rest of his life.  Then, he got down on one knee and pulled out the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen, and asked me to marry him.

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