Heather White & Christopher Vedder

Heather White & Christopher Vedder

Grooms Parents: Larry & Jean Vedder
Brides Parents: Bill & Julie White

Date of Engagement: 3-17-2012 (St. Patrick’s Day)
Wedding Date: June 2013
Shower Date: April 2013
Registered At: Bed Bath and Beyond

How Did You Meet?: We met in high school, but lost connection over the years until 2010 when we were reacquainted at a birthday party and have been together ever since.

Engagement Story?: It was St. Patrick’s Day 2012 and Heather’s grandpa was having his birthday party at his lake house. Everyone from her family was going to be there including relatives from the Chicago area, so to Heather it was a very important day.

I asked Heather’s Father (Bill) the night before for her hand in marriage, so Bill and Heather’s mother (Julie) and teenage sister (Megan) were the only people aware of what was to come that afternoon.

The whole family was on the back deck overlooking the lake on a 80-degree St. Patty’s day having green beer and snacks. I was trying to keep track of everyone and waiting for the perfect time to make the announcement and ask Heather “the question”. Finally at 3:30 I realized it was my window of opportunity, everyone was finally on the deck! I stood up and asked everyone for there attention and to be honest I do not remember what I said, because there was so much nervous energy flowing through my body. The next thing I remember I was on one knee asking Heather to marry me! She said “yes”!

The whole family was in shock along with Heather and obviously very happy. I have never made so many women cry all at once (kidding). The family said it was just like in the movies that it would be a birthday/ St. Patty’s Day they remember for the rest of their lives. All around the day and the engagement were a true success.

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