Jadwiga Pawlik & Stephen Reffitt

Groom’s Parents: Gary Reffitt and Michelle Giardini
Bride’s Parents: Dariusz and Dorota Bochenski
Date of Engagement: August 27th, 2014
Wedding Date: Aug. 2015 ( not sure of date)

How did you meet? Well we met when I was 17 and he was 18 at a rock concert.  I actually grabbed his butt at the concert and danced and hung out for most of the concert. We exchanged screen names for AOL. We talked on and off for years. We did not see each other since lived about a hour away from him. We talked on and off for years before we reconnected. I was away for college and we reconnected on AOL randomly. We talked on the phone and online for about 6 months. At that time I was home from school and we met and the rest is history. We started to date March 3rd. This year will be 7 years of us being together.
Engagement story: Over the past seven years we have grown to love the outdoors together. We planned a 5 nights, 6 day camping trip to the Manistee National forest. The plan was to leave Wednesday.Unknown to me my boyfriend at the time decided to pick up a ring on Monday.  On Monday he apparently called his dad after ordered the first ring, but his dad told him to get her the ring that she will love forever.  He meets again with Dennis at Rottermond’s and changes the ring. Tuesday he met my parents to ask for my hand in marriage. Which he called and told  me that he had to meet his mom in Ann Arbor to help with her flat tire.  I thought it was weird since she has AAA , but didn’t think too much of it. Mind you this was a very stormy day and we were leaving Wednesday morning. He gets home and was dressed up but again didn’t think too much of it.  I didn’t know this at the time but before coming home he went to Rottermond’s to pick up the new ring. Dennis was so great and stayed open for him. When he came home we already lost power from the storm.  So we packed up the belongings and waited till the power came back on to go grocery shopping. While we were shopping he was rushing me in the store. I was becoming annoyed but went along with it. Apparently he left the ring in his car and was VERY nervous!! We get home , finish getting ready and head to bed. We get up the next day and start to leave. He asks me in the car if we can go see the sunset, I told him ” sure, but can we get there?” Lol. We arrive at the campsite, unpack and we have enough time to go to the beach on Lake Michigan. While we are enjoying the sunset I decided to return to the car to get the camera. When I returned I was looking at the sunset and when I turn around  to face him he is on one knee asking to marry me. I don’t remember him saying it but I do remember saying YES!!!  And the rest is history.

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