Jessica Harmon & Robert Walker

  Jessica Harmon & Robert Walker

Groom’s Parents: Kimberly & Calvin Walker
Bride’s Parents: Charles Harmon & Nicki Workman-Harmon
Date of Engagement: July 1st 2010
Wedding Date: July 1st 2011 (My Birthday)
Shower Date: May 15th
Registered at: Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Best Buy

How did you meet? She was doing an internship with the after school program my church was hosting. Lily Missionary Baptist Church

Engagement story: I spent all my free time in Vegas scouting different locations that I was going to propose. I had the best entourage no money could buy haha. I wanted a place that was nice, quiet, high up overlooking the strip, Sunset, dinner, Photography…I think that’s it… Just a couple of things haha. After checking out Paris, The Rio, Hot Air Balloons, and a plethora of other places, we came to The Stratosphere.

Rottermond Ring CasingThis place had everything I was looking for as well as a staff that was excellent. I made reservations before I actually saw the place. The day before Proposal Day, I met with the manager and we had a dry run as to what I was looking for. The restaurant revolves so we plotted what kind of table and where the table would be at what time so I can have the Sunset behind the Nevada Mountains like I wanted. He (Robert) said he would give me a great waitress and send a photographer by a few times so Jessi wouldn’t wonder why she was there when it came time. Everything was set…SHOWTIME!!!

I finished camp and headed to the hotel. Got dressed and we headed to The Stratosphere where everyone knew what was going on except Jessi 😉 We got seated, had our appetizers, and I noticed the sun was almost set behind the mountains. I excused myself to the “Bathroom” which really means I found Robert the manager and he got things all prepped. I went back and sat with my future fiance and began telling her how I wished I was a better planner because this was the PERFECT night to propose. It was my birthday, sun was setting behind the Nevada mountains, piano playing in a swanky restaurant, etc… Jessi actually cracked on me a little bit because we all know my planning is less than stellar UNLESS it’s something like this where I apparently become rain man 🙂 I laughed because I KNEW what I had planned.

Rottermond Custom Engagement RingI told her I just wished that I was able to take advantage of this setting and opportunity to propose but I didn’t have the money. She assured me it was ok, she was patient and knows it will happen at some point. I continued in telling her that I didn’t want to go another day without being assured that she would be mine for the rest of my life. I expressed how I was in love with her since the day I met her and vowed that night that I would marry her. She sat there and smiled…I then told her that I didn’t want to waste this opportunity but I couldn’t propose without a ring…but I WON’T waste this opportunity… I then dropped down on one knee… “Jessica Nicole Harmon, Will You Marry Me” to which she replied… “Are you proposing right now???” YES!!! She said OF COURSE I’ll Marry you. She grabbed my face with both hands like I like and kissed me. I told her that I had somewhat of a ring and hopefully this comes off as cute as I hoped, and it did because my fiance isn’t a materialistic woman. I reached in my bag or tricks and pulled out a little box. Inside that box was a little ring I had fashioned out of a common twist tie that you would find on a bag of bread. The back story is a long time ago, I told Jessi that I didn’t have a ring fund anymore and I would have to propose with a twist tie. When she saw it, she laughed and kissed me. She actually had the nerve to put it on and pose with it. The photographer was taking our pictures and told me she would be right back. I told her before she leaves that I had one more little trinket. I then told Jessi that I felt bad for not getting her the ring so I saw something else in the jewelry store that hopefully would compensate a little bit for the fact that I don’t have a proper ring. With that, I reached into my bag of tricks ONE MORE TIME and grabbed a big jewelry box and set it before her…Still on one knee. She apprehensively opened it. I had the ribbon on the inside so she had to sift around a little bit but when that thing hit the light of day… SPARKLE SPARKLE!!!!! She was so excited. She wouldn’t even touch it. I took it out of the box and slid it on her finger. She then continued to tell me she would marry me…even though I didn’t ask her again haha… EXCITING!!!!!

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