Jessica Torres & Brandon Faron

Jessica Torres & Brandon Faron

Jessica Torres & Brandon Faron

Grooms Parents:  Rob & Kathy McKinley and the Late Walter Faron
Brides Parents:  Dan & Alice Jones

Date of Engagement:  March 13, 2015
Wedding Date:  October 2, 2015
Shower Dates:  August 30 and September 12
Registered At: and Crate and Barrel

How Did You Meet?:   The first time Jessica and Brandon met in person was their first date – Silver Bells in the City in downtown Lansing.  It was a night full of smiles, laughs, great conversation, and moments of hilarious shenanigans that they will never forget.  The connection was immediate and they soon fell in love.  And now here they are!  Getting married!

Engagement Story?:  Chicago is Jessica and Brandon’s favorite place.  They have gone there multiple times together.  Brandon knew that Chicago was where he wanted to propose.  He had originally planned to go for Valentine’s Day weekend but he also knew Jessica’s birthday was coming up in March.  Thinking she’d want to go to Chicago sooner rather than later, he told her about taking the trip and asked when she’d prefer to go.  To his surprise, she chose March.  He had already had the ring for some time at that point but March it was.

They arrived downtown at their hotel mid morning.  The day was filled with taking in the sights, shopping, and eating – the usual.  Reservations were made for a romantic dinner that night.  They were getting ready at the hotel and Brandon decided he was going to propose before they left.  Well, surprise, surprise, Jessica was running behind and he noticed he was running out of time.  Not wanting to miss their reservation, Brandon decided to choose a different time to propose.

Dinner was wonderful.  Jessica and Brandon were enjoying their time together and she had no idea about the proposal.  After dinner they decided to go to their favorite piano bar for some music and drinks.  They decided to walk and arrived at the bar, noticing the guy posted out front checking IDs.  Brandon handed him his and Jessica was still searching her purse for hers.  Then it dawned on her. When they were out earlier that day, she decided to put her license and credit card in her jacket rather than having to carry around her purse.  The jacket was back at the hotel.   She felt so badly.  The piano bar was filling up quickly.  Brandon suggested they just go to the hotel to get her ID and come right back.  He was understanding and not bothered in the least by the situation.  Well, he was so understanding because he saw this as an opportunity.

They took a cab back to the hotel.  While in the room, Jessica was freshening up and Brandon approached her.  Without having a clue that Brandon was about to propose, she hugged him and told him she loved him, that he made her so happy, and that she was having a wonderful time.  And that’s when he did it, dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.  To say she was surprised would be an understatement.  She kept repeating, “Are you serious?  Are you serious?  Babe.  Babe.”  It eventually sank in that the moment was real and the love of her life just asked her to be his wife.  She said yes, they kissed, they laughed, they cried, and the rest of their weekend in Chicago was amazing and magical.

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