Jill Glass & John Walker

Groom name: John Walker
Bride name: Jill Glass
Groom’s Parents:Bill (William) and Pat (Patricia) Walker
Bride’s Parents: Ron and Jan Gerwolls (Deceased)
Date of Engagement:12/23/2016
How did you meet?On Match.com
Engagement story: After dating for almost seven months, it was clear to both John and I that we truly loved each other. We had discussed our future, but he caught me completely off guard (in a very good way) when he proposed to me at the Festival of Lights at the Detroit Zoo. John is normally very “calm, cool and collected” but he was acting a bit “nervous” that evening. In hindsight, I now understand why. It was very romantic being proposed to surrounded by the beautiful zoo lights as he told me how much that he loved me and how much he loved “us”. It was funny too when we were greeted with applause and cheers from spectators who had witnessed the engagement, as we thought we were in a secluded area. We are very much excited for out future together and the adventures that it will bring.
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