Jillian Wyatt & Jack Wynn

JackJillGrooms Parents:Kathy Wynn
Brides Parents:Cynthia and Thomas Hoffman

Date of Engagement:Dec 25th 2013
Wedding Date:Sept 19th 2015

How Did You Meet?
Jack and I met at a Halloween party at a friends house.

Engagement Story?:
We had been dating for 4 years and it was obvious that getting engaged wasn’t “the big leap” just the next step in life together. We both knew it was time but he managed to pull it off as a suprise, I was totally blindsided.
Jack had been home late from “work” over the course of a month a few times, his job is demanding¬† and it never occurred to me that he might not be at work. He was in fact having my ring built and going to progress meetings at Rottermond. On Christmas Day in front of my entire family (grandparents, cousins etc.) I unwrapped a box of Kleenex followed by a very confused face, then a card. I thought “oh it’s a sappy card that’s why the Kleenex.” After reading the card, it was indeed sweet but not a tear jerker at all. I looked at Jack and said okay what’s going on?… Then came the blue box! He couldn’t even get on a knee before I jumped from my chair and threw my arms around his neck and said yes!

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