Jinyi Li & Kraig Stevenson

Jinyi Li & Kraig Stevenson

Grooms Parents: Robert Stevenson and Lori Kline-Closson
Brides Parents: Yuwei and Ning Li

Date of Engagement: October 13, 2011
Wedding Date: August 18, 2012
Registered At: Macy’s and Bed, Bath, & Beyond

How Did You Meet?: We met on Match.com and had our first date at Seva Restaurant in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Engagement Story?: In Chinese culture, it is believed that soul mates are tied together by a red string around their ankles. This thread binds their lives together, and though it may tangle and stretch, it can never be broken. To incorporate this theme, I decided to construct my own “red string” in the form of a long red ribbon. Along this ribbon, I placed photographs representing the chronology of our relationship, starting with our first picture together, highlighting various vacations and special events, and ending with an icon of our love. On each end, I made a loop, which I asked her to hold while we went through our amazing journey together, while I held the other, and once we reached the end, I pulled the ring from my pocket and asked her to marry me.

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