Johanna Daavettila & Matt Seiter

Johanna Daavettila & Matt SeiterGroom’s Parents:  Art and Christine Seiter
Bride’s Parents:  Carl and Denise Daavettilla
Date of Engagement:  12/31/2010
Wedding Date:  07/16/2011

How did you meet?  We had known each other for a few years before dating by hanging out with the same group of friends but didn’t really know much about each other until we started dating.

Engagement story:   I picked her up from her parents house on New Years eve and we were planning on heading to a New Years party with a bunch of our friends.  It was still a little early so we stopped at this park which is along a river that runs through town.  Although it was super cold and snowy, I suggested that we go walk out on the dock and see if the water was frozen or not.  So we did, and that’s where I proposed and now we are very excited for this summer.

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