Jolene Hochstetler & Dan Hardesty

Jolene Hochstetler & Dan Hardesty

Grooms Parents: Deborah and (the late) Terry Hardesty
Brides Parents: John and Lois Hochstetler

Date of Engagement: October 22, 2011
Wedding Date: April 20, 2012

How Did You Meet?: Dan’s sister-in-law, Jenn, and Jolene have been friends/roommates for a long time. At the beginning of May 2010, Jolene had extra Tigers tickets so she called Jenn up to go along. Jenn’s husband, Andy (Dan’s brother) already had tickets to the same game. Jenn thought it would be nice to have Andy take Dan, and that way she could go with Jolene. We went to Pizza Papolis afterwards. Dan and Jolene didn’t start seeing each other right away, but after several summer BBQ’s, they started seeing each other.

Engagement Story?: Jolene’s favorite place to go in the fall is the apple orchard she grew up near and worked on. Every Saturday, Dan & Jolene would go to the orchard for cider and pretzels, then out to the farmers market to see her parents. On this particular day, Dan said, “this is probably the last nice day we’re going to have before winter, let’s sit out on the gazebo to drink our cider and eat pretzels.” Out at the gazebo with cider in hand, Dan starts to get up from the bench, and he’s looking around all nervous or odd-like. Then he starts shifting his weight from foot to foot. Jolene says, “Do you want to leave?” “No, I don’t want to leave” Dan replies. “Well, sit down, you’re making me nervous.” But Dan doesn’t sit down. Then Jolene asks, “What are ya dancin around like that for? Do you have to poop?” Dan says “What!?” Thinking he clearly didn’t hear Jolene, she repeats the question, quite a bit louder this time, (by now more people have started to gather around the gazebo and picnic table area.) “DO. YOU. HAVE TO. POOP???” “What? No! Quit asking me that.” Well, about that time, Jolene had had enough fun.

“This sucks and I’m getting cold.” The wind had picked up, but as Jolene turned to leave, Dan was on one knee, “Will you marry me?” From the orchard to Jolene’s parents house first to share the good news. Then from there to Dan’s mom’s house, texting and calling friends and family all over the US to share the news. We’re eloping, just the two of us, to a secret location. We can’t wait!!

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