Justine McKinley & Troy Walker

Justine McKinley & Troy WalkerGroom’s Parents: Donald and Ella Walker
Bride’s Parents: Ross & Sarah Thornburg, and Jon and Marjorie McKinley
Date of Engagement: 11/24/10
Wedding Date: 08/13/11
Shower Date: 06/11/11
Registered at: Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond

How did you meet? Justine and I met as members of a Christian organization at EMU. After knowing each other for a couple of years and getting to know one another better while studying, I asked her on Facebook if we could have dinner and talk. She thought that I was going to tell her I wasn’t interested in her, but I wanted it to be our first date.

Engagement story: Our one year anniversary was actually on November 22 and Justine was home for Thanksgiving break, so I told her we’d do something special for our anniversary. I decided I’d make dinner for us and then I had tickets for us to go to a show at the
Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, MI. First though, I wanted to go for a walk with her, which we used to do a ton when she was here for school, and sit on a bench we always used to sit on. When we got there, we exchanged a couple of gifts we had gotten for each other for our anniversary, and after that was done, I told her that I would like to spend a lot more anniversaries together, and I pulled out the beautiful ring that I got for her and asked her to be my wife. She did say yes, but not before first asking, “Are you sure?” approximately 5 times.

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