Kelly Johnson & Matthew Smith

Kelly Johnson & Matthew Smith

Grooms Parents:Carlon and Michelle Smith
Brides Parents:Joe Johnson and Janice Syrianawski

Date of Engagement:9/22/11
Wedding Date:9/14/12
Shower Date:8/24/12
Registered At:Pottery Barn, Macy’s, BBB

Engagement Announcements - Kelly Johnson & Matthew SmithHow Did You Meet?: We meet @ Art Leaders Gallery, he was shopping for art for a newly purchased home with all bare walls, now our future home is filled with LOVE, paintings and beautiful sculptures.

Engagement Story?: Convinced her to take her 6 year old God daughter (Kaylee) to Erwins Orchard for a day of fun, surprised both of them when we arrived home and our family’s were at the house awaiting us. As soon as we arrived he proposed in front of everyone present.

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