Kristen Hoffmeyer & Matt Orbecky

Engagement Announcements - Kristen Hoffmeyer & Matt OrbeckyGroom’s Parents – Charles and Elizabeth Orbekcy
Brides’ Parents – David and Shirley Hoffmeyer

Date of Engagement – July 17, 2012
Wedding Date – July 18, 2014

How we met-
We met at the Marina where Matt kept his boat. I had been spending time at the marina all summer on my friends boat, but we didn’t meet until the end of July. It was a Christmas in July party and Matt was the DJ. We started to talk and haven’t spent any time apart since.

Engagement Story – There really was no down on his knee story. We talked about marriage and Matt asked everyday for about 6 months, “You wanna go get married today?” And finally one day we decided to get the ring and make it official.

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