Kristi & Andrew

Kristi & Andrew
Date of Engagement: 12/28/2012
Wedding Date: 07/06/2013

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 Engagement story:  Friday night, December 28th, Kristi and her friend Amanda met up with their friend Meredith for a little holiday dinner. Meredith told Kristi and Amanda to park next to Shain park in Birmingham, so they could walk together to go to Toast. After parking the car, Amanda spotted Meredith shortly before Kristi did and pointed her out to Kristi. Kristi called out to say hi, when she suddenly saw her very own sister, Shayla, peer around a park structure with a smile. Kristi’s sister was not in the original plans for dinner so Kristi kkristieAndrew2new something was out of the ordinary. She began to survey her surroundings, and when she did, saw that her sister held a rose, and then noticed Meredith held a rose as well. Then, she saw her dad also holding a rose, and then her mom, who too, held a rose.

kridtieAndrew2Kristi’s friend Amanda then began to lead her through the park approaching each of her loved ones who handed her a rose and continued leading her the rest of the way. Her brother-in-law, Nick, and Drew’s good friends Steph and Doug, and his two sons, Thomas and Evan, were the last rose stations before she greeted Drew. And at the end of this snow-covered path, was Drew. Standing before a sparkly, lit up Christmas tree in the middle of Shain park. When she walked up to him, he kissed Kristi, and carefully stated… “Kristi, you have made me happy beyond words. I thank God every day for you and I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?” Kristi cried and joyfully accepted with a “yes, absolutely”.

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