Laura Muylaert & Nicholas Prang

lauraGrooms Parents:  Marshall & Susan Prang
Brides Parents:  Mary & Terry Downie, Daniel Muylaert
Date of Engagement:  July 24, 2015
Wedding Date:  May 21, 2016

How Did You Meet?:  Through a friend.

Engagement Story?:  We were golfing at Ironwood with friends.  We were all ready to putt on the 9th and final hole, when Nick took his shot he completely missed the hole and it went way off to the side!  I thought how unlike him!  I was getting ready to take my shot when I heard a golf cart pull up and it was Nicks sister and brother-in-law who he had planned to come and take photos.  I was so confused and laughed and asked what they were doing there.  When I looked over at Nick to ask what they were doing he was down on one knee holding the ring out.  I think I immediately burst into tears and couldn’t stop asking him if he was serious!  I was so surprised and of course I said yes!  We heard applause all around as I learned our friend was in on it too as were the employees of Ironwood, and the group golfing behind us got to witness it all as well!  I was in shock I think.  Then we got to have an impromptu engagement photo session on the golf course.  I was on cloud 9 for sure.

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