Lexi Mack & Kevin Berry

Lexi & Kevin

Groom name: Kevin Berry

Bride name: Lexi Mack
Groom’s Parents: John and Kelly Berry
Bride’s Parents: Kevin and Brenda Mack
Date of Engagement: 2/2/2017
Wedding Date: Either 12/31/2017 or summer 2018… Still searching for venues!
How did you meet? Kevin and I met during our freshman year in college. We were friends until we began dating in the fall of our sophomore year.
Engagement story: The engagement Kev planned was by the far the biggest surprise of my life. I am a teacher, and on the day of the proposal, an assistant principle pulled me out of my class and said there was an urgent situation with one of my students in the guidance office. While there, one of the counselors made up a scenario to talk to me about in order to stall me. Meanwhile, Kevin was down the hall in a coworker’s classroom getting ready. While I was gone, Kevin came down to my classroom and got students set up with poster boards to hold up one at a time when I walked back in the room. They each had different things he loves about me written on them, and the final signs said, “He’s here and has a question for you…” and an arrow pointing to where he was hiding behind lab tables in my classroom. He then stood up, walked over, and proposed. I was completely shocked, excited, and a little emotional 🙂 after the proposal, we got to celebrate with both of our families before coming back to the store to pick out my setting for the beautiful diamond Kevin picked out. I ended up keeping the simple and classic setting he proposed with. As cheesy as it sounds, it was truly my fairytale proposal.
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