Liesle Travis & Chris Elsey

Liesle Travis & Chris Elsey

Grooms Parents: Bob & Karen Elsey
Brides Parents: Kathe Travis & Jack Travis

Date of Engagement: July 1, 2009
Wedding Date: October 20, 2012
Registered At: Bed Bath & Beyond and Target

How Did You Meet?:
We met at Adrian College. We lived in the same dorm freshman year and we were on the track team together. It wasn’t until junior year when two of our teammates, Dustin & Jay, set up a triple “date” at the best restaurant in town – Apple Bees.

Engagement Story?
Liesle’s version of the proposal:

After nearly a year of planning, Chris and I were leaving for Disney World the day after my last final for my first year of graduate school. As a complete tourist and first-timer to Disney, I was documenting everything.

On the first night, Chris and I were walking through Magic Kingdom trying to find the prime spot to watch the firework display at Cinderella’s Castle. After securing our location, Chris left me while I was setting up to video record the show on my camera.
About 5 minutes into the show, Chris calls my name (in his voice similar to “I want to show you something”). At first I was thinking “umm hello? I’m busy. Can’t you see I’m recording the fireworks?” So I look over to my left to see Chris on one knee. This is how the romantic conversation went:

Chris: “Will you marry me?”
Me: “Are you serious?”
Chris: “Yeah . . .”
Me: “You’re kidding . . .”
Chris: “No . . .”
Me: “Yes”

Like I said, romantic. And all of this was caught on my camera.

Chris’s version of the proposal:

After rudely interrupting Liesle’s recording of the firework display, I asked her. And after much convincing she said, “yes.”

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