Linsey Kvasnak & Jason Crowe

Linsey & Jason

Linsey & Jason

Grooms Name: Jason Crowe

Brides Name: Linsey Kvasnak
Date of Engagement: September 24, 2015
Wedding Date: Summer of 2016

How Did You Meet?: Jason and I had met years ago through mutual friends. With not knowing much about each other, we had always kept each other’s eye.

Engagement Story?: Jason and I had plans to travel to Chicago for my birthday. He had mentioned having something planned the evening of my birthday and left it a surprise. Without asking many questions, I tagged along to the city not knowing what to expect. The surprise location was Navy Pier, one of the places I wanted to go during our visit, where we sat down for a drink before arriving to our final destination. At this point, I still had no idea what was going on! After our drink, we walked further down the Pier to the Odyssey Yacht for a dinner cruise! I was ecstatic to find out what we were doing. After a bit, Jason asked me to go onto the observation deck to look at the view of the city. I mentioned someone taking a picture of us looking at the city and he asked someone to do so. I told the young man taking the picture that we would be facing towards the city rather than the camera. Jason quickly grabbed my hand, turned me around and said “Actually, I am going to do this!” As he got down on one knee he asked, “Will you marry me?” I have never been so surprised and happy. The ring is more than I could ever ask for!
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