Mary Bates & Aaron Hughes

AaronGrooms Parents: Janet (mother) and Bob Brooker, and Phil (father) and Betty Ann Hughes
Brides Parents: Janet and Tom Bates
Date of Engagement: April 15th, 2015

Wedding Date: August 19th 2016


How Did You Meet?: 
They met in 2007 when they began working together at Haslett Animal Hospital. They also took classes together at Michigan State University, both working towards a degree in Zoology. They both were friends for a while, dating other people and would hang out on the weekends with their group of friends from work and college. After they were both single, they began spending more time together. Then one night, after having a few drinks , Mary confessed that she adored Aaron, and he admitted that he had feelings for her too — and the rest is history!

Engagement Story?:

Mary’s Perspective: We were spending time with Aaron’s dad and stepmother, Phil and Betty Ann, at their winter home in Florida. We spent the week sunbathing, relaxing, and hiking, and took one whole day (which was straight-up-awesome!) in the Everglades looking for wildlife and hiking and biking. The following day was the first day with no thunderstorms at sunset, and Aaron suggested we go to the lake and watch the sunset. We sat by the water watching the birds fly in to shore, and listening to the frogs call. It was so romantic and perfect. One by one, some of the other couples started pulling up in their golf carts to enjoy the sunset as well. Aaron was fidgeting around in his backpack, and saying that the night was perfect, but that there was only one thing that would make it more perfect…to which I excitedly responded “Did you bring ice cream?!”
Aaron laughed at me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!! I was so shocked and excited! I said YES of course, and when we hugged and kissed each other, I heard a bunch of hooting and hollering from behind us!! I turned to find that all of the 10+ couples behind us were in on it and were waiting for Aaron to pop the question! Betty Ann took a very sneaky video of us too!Upon returning back to the house, they had champagne waiting for us, and we all celebrated a (very long awaited) occasion! 😉

Aaron’s Perspective: Of course I thought I wouldn’t be nervous after being together for awhile, but I was wrong. As Mary described above, when I pulled the ring out I had planned to say some things that were romantic and sweet. My nerves got the best of me and all of the things I wanted to say were scrambled in my brain that I couldn’t focus on any one romantic sentence. So within the 5-10 seconds of me trying to think of what I was supposed to say I just winged it. The only thing I thought of was, “Since you survived the everglades with me, will you marry me?” (Dorky and dumb I know, but I panicked) Or something like that. It is all still a blur in my mind. Anyway, she said yes and that is all that is really important. Right!? 🙂

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