Mary & Eddie Lynch

Mary & Eddie LynchGroom’s Parents: Ed & Pam Lynch
Bride’s Parents: Mike & Kathy Roach
Date of Engagement: December 24th, 2010
Wedding Date: June 30th 2012
Shower Date: TBD
Registered at: TBD

How did you meet?  College at Kent State University. (Sophomore Year)

Engagement story: It was Christmas Eve.

We decided to open our presents that night. I gave her three presents to open, which I made sure she opened in order. One was a “Christmas Past”, which was a teddy bear I got her for Christmas back when we first start dating. The second present was a “Christmas Present” which was a perfume she wanted for Christmas. The next present was a “Christmas Future” which was an empty box with a note that says “Christmas Future”. When she opened the box and read the note, I got on my knees and popped the question. She was in shock and surprised and of course said Yes!

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