Mary Radzikowski & Alex Hornung

Mary Radzikowski & Alex Hornung

Alex Hornung & Mary Radzikowski

Date of engagement: October, 2011
Wedding date: May, 2012

How we met: We grew up in the same neighborhood within blocks of each other but never knew one another. Our families attended the same church since we were children but still never knew one another. We grew up and attended the same elementary, middle and high school and still yet never knew one another. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that our paths finally crossed one day at church and we finally met each other.

Engagement story: We went on a cruise to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize & Cozumel, Mexico. While on the cruise we went on many excursions and I was just waiting for the perfect time. It finally came on our last destination in Cozumel where we went on a zip-line and snorkel excursion. After swimming in the Caribbean sea we made our way to get our towels and as she collected her things, I knelt down and presented the ring as she turned to face me. She thought I was joking until she saw the bling in the bright sunlight. Once she realized I was serious, she said YES!

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