Megan Beam & Richard Blattert

meganGroom’s Parents: Rick and Jodi Blattert
Bride’s Parents: Tom and Julie Beam
Date of Engagement: 04/03/2013
Wedding Date: 06/21/2014
Registered at: BB&B

How did you meet? At college orientation

Engagement story: Megan was expecting a proposal at any moment (she had gotten a say in the ring). Therefore, Rick had a big challenge in surprising her. And he succeeded.  After Megan had gotten called off work, Rick whipped together an amazing proposal to sweep her off her feet. Megan met Rick at his house shortly after being called off. He then led her outside to a tree in which a purple orchid and a note were sitting. As she read the note Rick kneeled down in front of her and pulled a small dark blue box out from behind the tree and asked her to marry him! And of course she said YES!

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