Melissa English & Adam Trella

Melissa English & Adam Trella

Proposal: She said, NO! – read on…
Grooms Parents: Ron and Sandee Trella
Brides Parents: Tim and Crystal English

Date of Engagement: 10/19/2010
Wedding Date: 10/14/2011
Shower Date: TBD – Check back often for date announcement
Registered at: TBD – Check back often for selected stores

We met through mutual friends. Our friends threw a party and invited both of us. I was so attracted to Melissa that I kept telling everyone at the party that she was my “dream girl”. I was so nervous that I didn’t even talk to her the entire night! Luckily my friend who threw the party called me a week later to tell me that Melissa had felt something for me even though I was so shy. We hung out again with friends, but this time I had the courage to talk to her…the rest was history!

Melissa English & Adam TrellaProposal: She said, NO! We took a trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico just for some relaxation. I had chartered a private sail boat for our last night in Cabo as it was our 2 year anniversary. The plan was to ask her then, but plans changed as once I got that ring in my hands, I couldn’t wait more than 1 day in Cabo! On our 1st full day at our resort, I decided I couldn’t wait. Every couple at the resort was on either their Honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary. That day I asked her to go for a sunset walk on the beach with me. I was so nervous since I wanted everything to be perfect and this was not my original plan. I kept rushing Melissa to get ready on time and even throughout dinner I kept looking outside to see if the sun was still up. Melissa noticed I was rushing and kept saying “so what if we miss it tonight, we are here for 6 more days!”. I told her I wanted it to be “tonight” and it couldn’t wait. We finally got out to the beach and the sun was nearly set. We walked and talked for a bit and then I started to speak, but I was fighting back tears.

I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me….then proceeded to grab the wrong hand! I was so nervous!!! She started to cry and then kept saying “no, no”, all the while I’m saying “don’t say no, please say yes!”… She said she meant “Yes” and proceeded to cry some more while trying to catch a glimpse of her ring in the darkness. She finally saw her ring when fireworks (not arranged by me, but a nice coincidence) lit up the sky enough for her to see it. She said “I couldn’t have picked out a better ring myself”… Thanks to Jesse Biers!!! (our sales professional at Rottermond’s).


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