Michelle Koebel & Derek Svoboda

Michelle & derek

Michelle & derek

Groom’s Parents: Dennis and Robin Svoboda

Bride’s Parents: Pam and Keith Koebel
Date of Engagement: 4/5/15
Wedding Date: 10/1/16

How did you meet? They meet while both attending Olivet College. Derek lived three doors down from Michelle in student apartments. Michelle pledged Derek’s sister sorority in the winter of 2011, which then brought them closer.

Engagement story: For the past two years, we have been going to Florida with Derek’s family as a week long vacation during the colder months. This last year, we were down there during Easter and had planned on going to dinner that evening to celebrate Easter and another person’s birthday.  Michelle had been told that everyone was taking family pictures and such on the beach before dinner and Derek wanted to take a walk before hand to enjoy the coast.  While Derek and Michelle walked down the shore, Derek told Michelle about how he loved and adored her, and was lucky to have her in his life.  They went down to the pier and turned around to get back for pictures and realized that no one else was out at the beach for the photo shoot.  So they headed up to go get the rest of the family and friends when Derek dropped to one knee and asked Michelle to be his one and only.
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