Michelle Meier & Ryan Malloch

Michelle Meier & Ryan MallochGroom’s Parents: Terence & Fran Malloch Aleta & Douglas Gudenau
Bride’s Parents:Kenneth & Jerie Lou Meier
Date of Engagement: 10/17/2009
Wedding Date:10/1/2010
Shower Date: 8/7/2010
Registered at:Bed, Bath & Beyond

Michelle Meier & Ryan Malloch

Ryan’s Conference Room?

How did you meet? We met through my brother.

Engagement story:Ryan told me that he had a conference in Grand Rapids on Saturday so we decided to go for the weekend. He did not have a conference so to throw me off he went to the gym in the hotel for 4 hours so I would think he was there. We went to dinner that night and when we came back to the room there were rose petals leading back to the bed room. On the bed was spelled out
“Will you marry me?”

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