Michelle Radsvic & Keith Bolthouse


Michelle Radsvic & Keith Bolthouse

Michelle Radsvic & Keith Bolthouse

Grooms Parents: Bob and Kim Bolthouse
Brides Parents: James Radsvick and Theresa Radle

Date of Engagement: March 12, 2013
Wedding Date: August 23, 2013

How Did You Meet?: At the local video store where Michelle was working at the time. We both love Bruce Willis and the rest is history!

Engagement Story?: Keith was working downstate while Michelle was still living in Northern Michigan. We were planning a move downstate together and Keith was visiting for the weekend. It was snowing as we were standing in the driveway saying goodbye at the end of the weekend. Keith had been planning a romantic proposal but just couldn’t wait any longer! He reached in his car and pulled out a ring and asked Michelle to marry him. Surprised and moved to tears, she said yes!

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Alternate Directions from 96 to Milford-

East alternate route from I-96 is:

1. Take exit 159 for Wixom Rd 0.4 mi
2. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Wixom Rd N 0.2 mi
3. Slight right onto S Wixom Rd 4.1 mi
4. Turn left onto Wixom Rd 2.5mi
5. Continue onto Wixom Trail 1.7 mi
6. Continue onto Atlantic St 0.2 mi
7. Turn right onto Crystal St 0.3 mi
8. Turn left onto E Commerce St 0.6 mi
9. Turn left onto N Main St


West alternate route from I-96 is:

Exit 151 Kensington Road - 1. North on Kensingston Road (go through roundabout staying to the right).
2. Kensington Road will turn into Stobart (GM Proving Grounds will be on your left).
3. Stobart then turns into Hickory Ridge Road (you will not even know it).
4. Take Hickory Ridge until you come to GM Road (there is a light and GM Proving Grounds entrance will be on your left) then turn right.
5. Take GM Road to Main Street and turn left.