Monica Constantino & Adam Karell

Monica Constantino & Adam Karell

Groom name: Adam Karell
Bride name: Monica Constantino
Groom’s Parents: Mark and Heidi Karell
Bride’s Parents: Lito and Millie Constantino
Date of Engagement: Monday, November 14th 2011
Wedding Date: Sunday, August 19th 2012

How did you meet?
Adam and Monica met at the infamous Gulfstream Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, where they both worked. Friends first, they enjoyed many meaningful conversations over rib eyes and crab cakes, and one night, after a chance encounter during a double date, they shared a kiss, and the rest is history.

Engagement story:

Monica and Adam were (seemingly) taking a one day trip to one of their favorite places on earth, Big Bear Lake, to go skiing at Snow Summit. They’ve spent many days and nights there during ski season, having fun with each other and friends on the slopes. Adam has spent patient hours teaching Monica how to turn, and she gets better and better every day.

It was still early in the season, so only half the slopes were open, and many runs were almost empty, if not completely empty. Adam found a run on the far right of the mountain, which he secretly decided was the place for the big plunge.

Adam skied ahead of Monica and stopped on the side of the mountain. Monica saw him stop and thought it a good opportunity to adjust her goggles, so she stopped as well. As she adjusted her goggles, she noticed Adam had taken off his skis and was walking towards her in his boots. She thought it was a little strange, but still, having no idea about the proposal, thought he was maybe looking for the water bottle she had lost earlier.

Suddenly, he pulled a small blue box out of his pocket. Monica realized what was happening, and immediately went into shock. Crying and laughing all at the same time, she almost forgot to say yes after Adam asked her that fateful question.

After a few margaritas and all the proper phone calls, they spent the rest of the day enjoying the mountain before retiring to a cottage Adam had secretly booked for the night, and dinner at the fanciest French restaurant in town, Madeline’s.

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